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What would you like to talk about at the next Readercon? We want YOUR program ideas! Send us a link to an interesting blog post that made you think, a one-sentence summary of a cool idea, or a fully formed program item description complete with pithy title--whatever you like. We'd especially love to see suggestions for our book clubs and program items celebrating and investigating the works of our guests of honor: Patricia McKillip, Maureen McHugh, and Roger Zelazny.

We also welcome suggestions for people who would be great additions to the program, especially working scientists, professionals in non-publishing fields, and members of minority groups. And if you saw someone on a panel in 2012 and thought they weren't quite up to our standards, let us know that too. All comments are seen only by the program chair and assistant chair, and will be kept entirely confidential.

The address for program ideas--open all year round--is Bring it on.
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