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The Readercon concom had our final meeting yesterday at the hotel, and would like to share some knowledge gained. The Burlington Marriott has decided to proceed with hotel renovations that will include the likely closing of the pub and the lobby during Readercon. Nothing is guaranteed, and the construction has not yet even begun, but the renovation plans have proceeded to the point where we have contingency plans.

The Summer/Winter restaurant is scheduled for extended restaurant hours, in addition to having a bar menu option until 1 am.

The lobby or hallway will include extensive concessions this year, including grilled vegetables and grilled meat options, and hopefully salad.

We have also added an additional adjoining room to the Readercon Consuite, so as to accommodate possible increased traffic, and the Green Room will possibly be relocated further down the hall from program rooms this year, but it will include more privacy.

We appreciate everyone's patience during this trying time, and will do our best!

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